About ASkepticRTN

ASkepticRTN is dedicated to battling pseudo-science and superstition in the media. Specifically where facts, rationality and truth have been sacrificed upon the altar of entertainment.

Most of our posts are focused on providing criticism of stories as they appear in the media although occasionally we focus on news stories that never made it into the mainstream media or didn’t get the attention they deserved. These are located under Skeptic News category

As it turns out, all this keeps us busy. But never so busy we don’t enjoy hearing from our readers. Hunkered down deep within Calgary, Alberta, Canada, ASkepticRTN takes in the various media reports through the local newspaper, radio and television and tries to find what substance, if any, lies behind the various claims and arguments reported.

If you have news stories you would like us to check out, or the results of some digging you have done on your own, please drop us an e-mail [email protected]

We love to hear from everyone.

a skeptic reads the newspaper . . . seems to be the best description of what I do. I offer it with apologies to John Allen Paulos and his wonderful, A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper.