Sources and Links

Those interested in gathering more information from Skeptical websites may want to use the list below as a starting point.


First, a local (Calgary) site of the local chapter of the Canadian Humanists,

And for Calgary Area Skeptics,

Both these organizations humanist/skeptic tradition alive here in Alberta, not an easy task. They deserve your support.

Outside of Alberta but still in Canada, check out: Well, actually this is an American site but you will notice a pull down menu upper right. In that menu all kinds of Canadian locations.

Or, CFI Canada has its own site now. Check them out at

BC Skeptics have been around for ever but apparently disappeared. Anyone know where they went? Anyway Victoria is nice:


Okay, as I have shamelessly ‘borrowed’ the title if this blog from John Allen Paulos, what else can I do other than suggest his website It truly is fantastic. For those with a fear of numbers — FEAR NOT! Dr. Paulos is just filled with acceptance (I am seriously trying to avoid a lawsuit here.)

The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (and publisher of Skeptical Inquiry magazine)

The James Randi Educational Foundation website. Always a hoot, great reading, especially when dealing with psychics and such. Not to be missed.

The Skeptics Society and publisher of Skeptic magazine

The scoop on scientific pretensions,

The fastest way to find out stuff, go to the Skeptics Dictionary


Dr. Barrett’s Quackwatch:  The skeptical view of all things medical including whatever alternative, holistic, natural, energy field embracing rip-off you wanted to know about

The National Council Against Health Fraud

The Science Based medicine website, a blog on the relationship between science and medicine

Ben Goldacre is knowledgeable, humorous and author of Bad Science, the blog, the column and the book. Get it all at


These two topics seem to go together if only because of the ongoing and increasingly desperate attempts by the deeply religous to deny the obvious truth of evolution.

Richard Dawkins website is If you don’t know Richard Dawkins is, you need to visit this site and find out.

You gotta love the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

For a great site on evolution complete with teaching resources, try


Here is a quotation site from a reader (Thanks Zoltan)